Our Mission, Goals and Vision

Our Mission is to provide unconditional help to the poor and needy in the society, by taking step against hunger, malnutrition and illiteracy. We are constantly working towards providing them with nutritious food and basic education.

Our Vision is to make under privileged, self-reliant and sustainable individuals, by creating opportunities, and developing their potential, by way of quality education.

Our set goals to achieve our vision includes:

  • To provide homes to the homeless;
  • To provide free education through residential schools/colleges to the underprivileged;
  • To provide free medical treatment to the poor and needy;
  • Adult education and awareness camps;
  • To provide old age homes to neglected old people;
  • To provide emergency relief to people afflicted by natural calamities, such as floods, cyclones, drought, earth quakes and so on.



According to our Indian Constitution, every child is entitled to following rights, irrespective of caste, creed, gender, language, religion..


After the basics of food and shelter is fulfilled, our next step towards Childcare Programme moves towards providing free education…


Mal Nutrition is something which should not be ignored, as it can affect the child’s brain, ultimately making them unable to..


Satisfying hungry stomachs does not put an end to our noble cause. Our aim is to provide home to the homeless.



support us and change the course of a child’s life today!