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We have realized that providing adult education for women, as part of our women empowerment programme, has seen a drastic change in the society. In families with educated women, we have seen that their children regularly go to school, do well in their studies, their income levels raise, and their communities prosper. Unfortunately, in our Indian society, women do not only get denied of education, but they are also get denied of basic rights like nutritious food and health; and this is seen mostly in slums and villages.

Thus, we came up with Awareness camps for Adults in slums and villages, where we create awareness about importance of women in the family, importance of mother for children, how important it is for a women to keep in good health, as she takes care of the entire family's well-being, and how important it is for her to become educated, as she becomes responsible for her children's future. The programme identifies adolescent girls and women and creates awareness about how they can contribute to the prosperity of their family, their community, and the entire nation.