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Your donation and contribution can make a huge difference.

Child Relief & We do our best to provide help, via our projects. You can choose a cause to help us do better.


In last couple of years, corporates have been making a positive impact on the society and environment, as an ethical part of their business practices. Thus, when it comes to charity fundraising, corporate fundraising is something that comes first in mind, as they dramatically support the noble causes of NGOs.

Through Corporate fundraising, millions of underprivileged children and women, have benefited across all the states in the entire nation. Thanks to Corporates who are investing their incomes from business, in social values.

Corporates also employ dedicated resources for reaching out to the poor and needy directly, for lending helping hands to them. However, they may fail to identify them, considering the vastness and the population of the country.

We at 'Child Relief and We' would like to partner with corporates, to work along with them, in serving the needy society. We believe that, through this course of action, we will also be working closely with corporates to give true and meaningful value to their CSR programmes and projects.

We also see that the fund raised by the Corporates are properly allocated to various social causes, ultimately contributing a huge social return on investment to them. While doing this, we see that there is complete transparency, for making our partnership with corporates, a fruitful and an effective one.