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Child Relief & We do our best to provide help, via our projects. You can choose a cause to help us do better.


People of India are often affected by natural disasters, starting from small house fires, till cyclones, droughts and earth quakes. The aftermath of natural disasters is dreadful. Many lose homes, and all of their hard earned assets during these disasters. Not only do they lose their belongings, but they also get mentally and psychologically affected due to the shock, and this happens especially with children, as they may even wander away from their family members during this time.

The core part of our Disaster Relief program include providing food, water, shelter, clothing and medical aid to disaster affected people, until they gain stability. We provide homes to disaster affected children who have wandered away from their parents. We replace school supplies to help children who have lost their books and other important school supplies, which will affect their education. We also provide counselling for children who have gone into trauma after the dreadful event.