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Indian society is a Male dominant one. For this, it will be wrong if we blame only men, although men in our society consider themselves superior to women. Ill-treating women starts from the grass root level, even before that innocent child has taken birth from her mother's womb, by way of female foeticide; and, by way of Female Infanticide soon after her birth. In the poorest families, girl children get deprived of even elementary education. They also face extreme difficulties like early marriage, early motherhood, and ill-treatment by the men in the family, and what not?

Perhaps it wouldn't be wrong if we say that, suppressing women is one of the major reasons for India, to still remain a developing country, despite the IT and Software boom.

As a core part of 'Care for Girl Child' and 'Women Empowerment' Programmes, we have given significance not only to free education for girls, but also adult education and awareness programs for women.

If men in the society think they are superior to women, this is solely because of their illiteracy and ignorance. Thus, along with adult education for women, we have also given prominence to adult education and awareness programmes for men.