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Your donation and contribution can make a huge difference.

Child Relief & We do our best to provide help, via our projects. You can choose a cause to help us do better.

1. Do you accept donations like below other than money

Yes we do accept any reusable things like old/new clothes,furniture,books,toys etc. And we also accept raw food or groceries

2. Do accept all ages clothes

Yes we do accept for all ages both male and female

3. What type of clothes we accept

  • Sarees / nighties/ pants/ shirts /sweaters//shoes/sandals.
  • Unused undergarments
  • Used/unused mattress pillows bed sheets etc

4. What donations you don't accept ?

We accept both kind and cash donations

5. Are the cash donations are Tax exempted??

Yes all cash donations are Tax exempted under 80G

6. Do you arrange free pickup and the process for pickup

Yes we do arrange free pickups at Bangalore location as of now...5 days prior notice is mandatory for pickup Few suggestions to your websites thought it might help.

7. Do u accept torn clothes or spoiled goods

We strictly don't accept any spoiled items which are not at useful condition.

8. How cum we come to know that the things has reached needy

After collecting stuff we immediately distribute to needy in next couple of days and upload pics on our Facebook page.

9. When can you do events

We do events on every Saturday & Sunday..you can subscribe our events on our Facebook page

10. To do volunteering what is the process? are there any charges to join as volunteer.

For volunteering we need time of yours..There are no charges to volunteer...if you need our T shirt and other accessories are chargeable